Challenge #2:
Social, Environmental, & Regulatory Pressures

Climate and environmental pressures are destabilizing many of the natural processes that make modern agriculture possible.

Regulatory and social forces are pushing food system industries to adopt practices that are green, sustainable, and safe—requiring food system actors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall pollution potential. CalCom Energy has the industry expertise and partnerships needed to help navigate regulatory pathways and implement emerging technologies to achieve company sustainability initiatives.

Customer Challenges

Corporate Social Responsibility

Due to...
  • Pressure from manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to improve the environmental and social impacts of products and producers

Water Scarcity

Due to...
  • New groundwater-related regulation that may require the fallowing of existing cropland

Crop Land Limitations

Due to...
  • Geographic constraints
  • Resource constraints
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CalCom Energy Solutions


Solar adoption is a common way to improve the environmental sustainability of any dairy operation. Solar PV systems can provide additional savings and revenue when expanding crop production is not possible. Systems can be constructed off-ground using rooftop, elevated, and floating racking, as well as on ground-mounted racking on fallowed or unused lands. The excess energy produced can be sold in Energy Markets to help replace lost jobs and revenue.

Renewable Energy Credits

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and other carbon offset credits can integrate into a company’s social responsibility efforts.

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