Fleet Electrification

About Our Fleet Electrification Solutions

Electrification of transportation vehicles is a new, rapidly growing application that includes converting forklifts and other small units, tractors, and fleet trucks from internal combustion engines to electric motors, directly reducing GHG emissions. We are currently seeing forklifts and smaller equipment, such as Kubotas, replaced with electric options. Alternatives for larger fleet vehicles and tractors are not far behind. Whether these are cost-effective solutions for individual operations requires evaluation on a case-by-case basis.

Digital illustration of tractors using electric charging
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Transitioning to an Electric Fleet with CalCom Energy

How We Can Help

The team of experts at CalCom Energy assists our clients with fleet electrification and the implementation of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure onsite. These transitional technologies can drive operational efficiency and help with GHG emissions reduction goals. Many federal and state incentives are in place to assist with this process.

LCFS & Incentives

Businesses that have either electrified their transportation fleets or are considering it are incentivized to do so through the low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) program and other state incentives to install EV charging. CalCom Energy assists customers through analytics, planning, delivery, and reporting needed to receive incentive payments and generate long-term revenue from these programs.

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