Challenge #3:
Revenue Instability

Food processing and cold storage operational costs have risen in recent years.

Increases have been driven not only by consumer product demand for fresher, healthier food options and expedited delivery expectations but also by rapidly changing regulations and requirements that necessitate frequent facility and equipment upgrades. Agricultural and dairy operations are multi-phased, and each phase is met with its own pressures and challenges that ultimately drive operational costs. CalCom Energy understands each phase’s challenges and can provide individual phase-specific and holistic operation-wide solutions.

Customer Challenges

Operational Inefficiencies

Due to...
  • Outdated equipment
  • Ineffective processes

Facility & Equipment Upgrades

Due to...
  • Equipment becoming outdated
  • Evolving regulations and requirements
  • Automation of processes

Product Transport

Due to...
  • Increasing product demand
  • Increasing fuel prices
  • Same-day delivery expectations

New Technology Adoption

Due to...
  • Need for balance between yields and conservation
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CalCom Energy Solutions

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency assessments can identify key areas to help save money throughout your operation.


New equipment requires onsite electricity, which can be offset with onsite solar.

Renewable Energy Credits

Fleet electrification is an excellent investment in the future of transportation, and a way to get ahead of incoming regulations while taking advantage of current federal and state incentive programs.

Analytics & Energy Credits

Incentive programs can help with the upfront cost of purchasing electric vehicles, while associated carbon offset credit programs provide additional revenue potential.

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