Challenge #1:
Rising Energy Costs

Energy costs continue to rise year after year.

Energy costs continue to rise year after year. CalCom Energy offers energy solutions explicitly designed to your operational needs to help protect you from increasing utility bills and, in turn, promote a more stable and predictable operating budget for you and your business.

Customer Challenges

Increases in Energy Consumption

Due to...
  • Growing consumer demand for product quantity and quality and increase in operational efficiency through automated controls
  • Production pressures required to feed a growing global population
  • Production pressures and the introduction of new industry technologies

Non-Stop Operating Schedules

Due to...
  • Year-round and around-the-clock energy needs

Increasing Utility Bills

Due to...
  • Increases in overall demand for energy
  • Utility companies passing the cost of mandates, upgrades, and charges through to their customers
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CalCom Energy Solutions


Solar generates electricity for use in your operations, reducing the amount of energy required from the grid. Solar net energy metering (NEM) programs allow customers to bank excess solar production credits for use during evening hours.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage helps lower the demand charge-side of utility bills. It can discharge captured solar energy to use during evening hours.

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