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About Our Analytics & Energy Credits Solutions

Accurate reporting is the basis of solid decision-making, and we want our customers to have the most precise data to inform their course of action. We pride ourselves on coordinating the robust analytics that provide the basis for all energy solutions for our clients.

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Energy Analytics

One of our core Services, we staff analysts to address optimal system sizing and operations both before and after the renewable generator is installed.  Our Services team routinely provides analytics to answer questions regarding actual system performance, ROI, and day-to-day operations.

Utility Bill Auditing

For projects in PG&E and SCE territories, we offer utility bill management and auditing services.  The service, provided by vistawattTM, downloads electric bills, automatically organizes the data, and conducts a monthly audit to ensure solar credits have been correctly applied. Our customers receive a personalized report every month. The service also provides meter-by-meter operational insight to help determine optimal run times and rate schedules.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

RECs represent the right to claim the environmental benefits of renewable energy generation. If you have not otherwise marketed the environmental benefit of your solar generation, your RECs may be eligible for sale. In addition to helping clients determine their eligibility to sell RECs, CalCom Energy takes care of all administrative tasks and fees needed to have each solar installation approved to generate RECs, finds the buyers, and coordinates sales.

How Do RECs Work?

One REC is equivalent to one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity produced from a renewable generator. A one megawatt system in California produces about 2,200 MWh/yr.

The type of RECs our customers create are worth about $10-$13 each. We register customers to create RECs, which are then sold to the market. CalCom Energy facilitates the sale to the market and then pays out revenue for the credits to our customers.

Demand Response

Demand response programs offer customers direct payments to reduce their electricity use during peak demand times. CalCom Energy works with private demand response providers to find programs suitable for our customers, including programs that control the number of dispatch events and several days’ notice in advance.

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Supporting Smart Decisions via Analytics with CalCom

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