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A full-service energy solutions partner, CalCom Energy is a leader in supporting sustainable food systems.

Our team has led the deployment of over 150+ MW of solar generation and energy storage capacity across the food system value chain, now monitoring more than 100 MW of renewable energy assets. As an employee-owned business founded in the heart of the world’s agricultural production center, our team is committed to helping our customers purposefully manage energy by systematically and collaboratively addressing challenges.


CalCom Energy is more than a solar and energy storage installer—we are an energy solutions partner dedicated to helping you design and implement the most cost-effective energy applications for your current operations.

A holistic solution set could incorporate any or all of the following: solar PV, energy storage, EV charging infrastructure, fleet electrification, and energy efficiency measures. Our in-house service department ensures long-term monitoring, operations, and management for all energy assets, and supports our customers with sophisticated energy analytics for optimal system performance. In addition, we facilitate key opportunities to derive recurring revenue from energy assets through renewable energy credits and demand response programs. Our services are designed to address your energy challenges while helping you achieve your specific business objectives. 

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CalCom Energy

We’re building the best business in our industry through a commitment to accountability in employee-ownership.

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As a company and as individuals, CalCom team members are committed to upholding the vision and values that we developed together over time.

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