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About Our Operations & Maintenance

Once installed, a renewable energy asset requires certain services to maximize return on investment. CalCom Energy has resources dedicated to helping you obtain the best value from your system. Our team helps our customers monitor and maintain their system health, interpret and analyze utility bills, and identify and pursue opportunities to save money and generate additional revenue.

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Here is a snapshot of what our asset management team has achieved to date:

  • We currently monitor system health for over 100 MW of installed solar assets
  • We've helped customers quantify over $60 million in savings
  • We've identified over $2 million in avoidable utility costs, such as suboptimal rate schedule assignments and unbalanced solar-benefiting meter arrangements
  • We've audited over 35,000 utility bills for our customers, revealing over $1 million in billing errors which we worked with the utility to correct
  • We will go above and beyond to ensure the performance of your asset
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Why Customers Invest in CalCom O&M Services

How We Can Help

Benefits of Solar O&M Service

Our daily monitoring, comprehensive maintenance services, highly-trained field technicians, and excellent vendor relationships allow us to ensure your solar is performing as expected, with maximum uptime and production yield. Our goal is to protect your original investment and maximize your financial return.


Safety is our number one goal. We only use qualified electricians on site, and we will always contact you in advance to advise of their presence.

Daily Monitoring Resolution

We have dedicated performance engineering to watch system performance and pinpoint issues quickly. If possible, we attempt to resolve issues remotely to save time and money. 

Warranty Administration

We have long-standing vendor relationships and extensive experience with equipment warranty administration. We perform this service standard with CalCom Energy installations as well as systems installed by other firms.

Preventative and Reactive Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance will keep your solar asset finely tuned for maximum production, address any issues quickly, and ensure your warranties are not voided due to lack of maintenance.

Reactive maintenance is intended to mitigate unplanned downtime. If a malfunction occurs or performance is degraded, CalCom provides onsite evaluations, equipment repair and replacement, warranty claims management, and panel washing.

Site Retrofits & Repair

The CalCom Energy team is now providing services for aging solar sites that require in-depth investigations and solutions to optimize performance for the life of the system. We work in concert with our engineers, field technicians, the electric utility, and vendors to find solutions, ranging from minor repairs to retrofits of major electrical equipment. 

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