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As a full-service energy solutions partner, CalCom provides energy and sustainability assessments, solution development, design and engineering services, utility interconnection, project management, and construction services, along with traditional operational maintenance and advanced services.

We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions specific to each customer’s needs while consulting our customers—not only in energy applications for distributed generation, but also opportunities for demand-side savings and smart kW deployment through energy storage, fleet electrification, and related advanced services. We provide oversight at every stage of your energy program development, delivery, and support cycle, ensuring your business results are realized over the life of your program.

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Customized Solutions & Smart Applications

Solar & Energy Storage
Energy Efficiency
Fleet Electrification
Operations & Maintenance
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How We Can Help

CalCom Energy is more than a solar and energy storage installer—we are an energy solutions partner dedicated to helping you understand how to best integrate energy technology into your current operations. Our services are designed to address your energy challenges while helping you achieve your specific business objectives.

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Personalized Solutions

Our design process is unique in that we spend additional time on our front-end analyses to help fully understand our clients’ operations.

Client Benefits

  • Ensures systems are designed specifically to each client's objectives
  • Reduces costly change orders and overall project timelines

Consistent Presence

The majority of our work is done in-house, from initial design and construction to system operation and maintenance. Our post-installation services provide support throughout the lifetime of the system.

Client Benefits

  • A single point of contact throughout the lifetime of the system
  • Staff dedicated to monitoring system performance and utility bill savings opportunities
  • A service team committed to keeping systems running as expected

Industry & Product Knowledge

CalCom Energy offers unmatched industry expertise, knowledge, and relationships.

Client Benefits

  • Streamlining the interconnection, permitting, and construction processes to ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery.
  • Systems are built with quality components that match operational needs.
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