Overhead view of a large installation of ground mounted solar panels

Utility Interconnection at CalCom Energy

Overhead view of a large installation of ground mounted solar panels

Utility interconnection is the critical path between project contract and system operation and should be a key factor in choosing the right energy partner in order to ensure a successful solar energy project.

An interconnection strategy must be planned carefully with an energy partner that has deep expertise and knowledge of all Tariff rules. It is crucial work alongside an experienced energy partner to avoid critical mistakes that can increase both project costs and timelines.

At CalCom Energy, utility interconnection and related matters are a specialty of ours, for example:

• CalCom Energy employs a dedicated interconnection team that works to help each of our client’s successfully navigate the Interconnection and Permission to Operate (PTO) process. 

• Our team members have successfully submitted 200+ interconnection applications including NEM Transmission Voltage, Rule 21 Non-Export, NEM-MT, and RES-BCT applications and utility study processes. 

• Working closely with the California Public Utilities Commission(CPUC) and California Solar & Storage Association(CALSSA), CalCom Energy successfully negotiated a mechanism for lowering interconnection costs on commercial and industrial PV systems, resulting in significant savings to our customers over many years.

Additionally, CalCom Energy is engaged in the Interconnection Discussion Forum by being an active participant and presenter. The Interconnection Discussion Forum is a quarterly recurring group meeting between the CPUC, California utilities and solar contractors that provides an opportunity to solve customer’s complex interconnection problems while keeping current with latest developments in the interconnection realm. CalCom has also participated in the process to revise Rule 21 which is the primary set of rules that control solar interconnectio

Jeff Lounsberry is CalCom Energy’s Interconnection Manager with a decade of experience working on complex utility matters. Jeff believes there is no teacher like experience when it comes to solar interconnection. Jeff is also the chairperson of the CALSSA interconnection subcommittee which allows him to advocate for utility clean energy policies that benefit both our clients directly and California as a whole. Jeff has developed strong working relationships with key utility staff in order to represent our customers effectively when issues occur.

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