Anderson Orchards Deploys One of First Solar Arrays to Capitalize on Aggregated Net Metering (aka Net Energy Metering Aggregation)

Anderson Orchards

BAKERSFIELD, California—CalCom Solar, a leader in transforming Ag energy liabilities into productive assets, is deploying a 440 kilowatt solar power generation system for Anderson Orchards, a prominent grower on the Westside of the San Joaquin Valley, to a power a deep-well pump used to irrigate cotton, wheat and pistachio trees. With the California drought in full swing and with the lack of surface water, growers are having to rely more on ground water.

This project is expected to be one of the first in California to take advantage of the new Aggregated Net Metering tariff, also known as Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA). The system is projected to slash energy expenses by nearly $100,000 a year. Pilings have been deployed and crews are currently erecting the solar array modules. Completion is scheduled before the irrigation season—on-time and on-budget.

Using its advanced Ag energy forecasting, CalCom Solar precisely forecast energy requirements to right-size the solar photovoltaic (PV) cell system based on a number of factors.The SAGE system analyzed hourly usage and hourly demand charges—as well as peak and off-peak usage—to calculate at detailed 25-year projection.

“We were able to provide Anderson Orchards with precise numbers, so they could be sure they were getting the maximum return on investment,” said Nic Stover, CalCom Solar’s Director of Business Development. “With the accelerating rate hikes we’re seeing from PG&E, combined with concerns about another low-water year for the upcoming growing season, it’s important not only that the system saves money now, but gives Anderson Orchards confidence about their electric expenses going into the future. With irrigation/electricity now becoming the second-largest production expense for growers, that certainty is critical.”

About CalCom Solar. The founders of CalCom Solar have been in the solar energy industry for more than 35 years. But our true value-add for Ag customers comes from our deep expertise in Ag energy/water-use optimization. This allows us to generate the most precise Ag energy projections in the industry.

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